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Who we are?

We are a young and passionate fashion team, who likes to try new experiences and especially the way the fashion industry is built.

We started in 2008 and we continued to supply accessories and clothes from the big fashion houses at affordable prices, regardless of how deep the pocket was that we where addressing. All clothes and accessories are imported by us from the major distributor centers in Italy, strictly chosen on the following criteria:

  • Last collection, if possible;
  • The best price in relation to the year of manufacture or collection;
  • The most exclusive pieces, at most possible.

Main HQ

Magazin Signature Shop

Boutique Floreasca

The main store, practically the only one at this moment, is located on Banu Antonache Street, in Floreasca Square, in the most exclusive area of Bucharest, so you can enjoy the luxurious sensory experience. Every client is treated as a VIP person, regardless of their status.

What do we do?

“La Moda e Bella” according to our motto. We offer clothing, footwear and accessories for men and women, and besides that, we offer you the guarantee of quality, original producst and due respect, whether you pass the threshold as a customer or a potential customer.
No matter who you are, we are glad you visited us and hope you have no disappointments towards us!